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Image by Chris Bair


Interior Designer and Creative Director

I was born in Wellington New Zealand, and since a young age have always had a passion for the arts and design. Through school I studied the Creative Arts, Design, Art History and Classics which then led to having the opportunity to travel to Europe to learn about the history of art and architecture. From school I went on to study and complete a bachelor’s degree in Design and Business Management, while my partner completed his building apprenticeship.

Having had the opportunity to design, build and style my own home, I then went on to further Design study in Interiors and finally taking the leap leaving my corporate role and creating my own business. My goal to work with others to create their dream spaces as our spaces should be a projection of who we are. I am passionate about creating beautiful spaces which people don't need a holiday from and are excited to be in.


As a creative and travel lover I draw my inspiration from places I have visited and combine textures and finishes to create unique spaces to reflect individual needs and styles. 

Through this passion for creating beautiful spaces and my love of travel, I always wanted to bring pieces of the places I visited home so I could always remember the amazing locations and people I met, and the feeling that those locations and experiences gave me. From there started my homewares collection with unique pieces which everyone can style their homes with.

I am excited to continue building the business and work with more amazing clients and customers and sharing that journey with you!

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